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March 12, 2024

DEVXART SRL and its affiliates (collectively, “DEVXART”) are committed to protecting your privacy and complying with applicable data protection laws. This Privacy Policy outlines how DEVXART collects, uses, discloses, and safeguards information about you in connection with our DEVXART services, websites, and other interactions with you. We also describe the choices you have about your information.

1. Our Services

DEVXART's suite of social media management and social care tools are accessible via our website. These tools allow you to bring together all of your ecommerce and social media accounts for easy access and management through a single online platform. Through this platform, you can manage your social media posts; schedule and publish messages, manage customer care communications, and analyze the results of these activities.

Social Networks

Any collection, use, and management of personal information by the social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok (collectively, the “Social Networks”) are governed by their respective privacy policies and terms. When using Social Networks, you are required to comply with their privacy policies and terms. We recommend you carefully review their privacy policies and terms, as DEVXART is not responsible for the Social Networks.

Your Privacy Obligations

We rely on you to comply with applicable privacy laws when collecting, using, or disclosing information about individuals through the Services, including obtaining any necessary consents and providing any necessary notices. If we receive any questions or complaints regarding your use of the Services, we will direct the request to you for further assistance.

Business Purposes

Our Services are not intended for use by children and should only be accessed by individuals who are at least 18 years old and are using the Services for business purposes.

2. What information do we collect?

We collect information about you as reasonably necessary for the following activities:

Using our Services

We may collect the following information when you use our Services:

Account information:

  • Your contact and profile information including your name, email address, organization name, and address; your preferences such as language, time zone, and the types of communications you would like to receive from us; and image (if you choose to provide this). We may also obtain this information if you choose to use a social login service, such as Facebook Login, to create or access your account.
  • Billing and other payment information (if you sign up for a paid service or purchase a Third-Party Service), including payment method details, such as credit card number.
  • The Services you have acquired from us, including the type of plan, number of team members, and transaction information related to the Services.


  • Your social profile information for Social Networks you choose to connect to the Services. For example, your Facebook profile information may include your Facebook username and profile image.
  • A specific location such as an address, a city, or a place (for example, a restaurant) if you choose to share this information.
  • Your messages, posts, comments, images, advertising, and other material you curate on and upload to the Services; and information that is collected from the Social Networks that you choose to connect to and which is displayed on our Services.
  • Social media content and other user generated content (for example, posts, comments, pages, profiles, likes, feeds)
  • Messaging content that individuals choose to share (for example, social media messages, in-app messages)
  • Social media and messaging metadata (for example, number of social media followers, number of posts, number of tweets)
  • Content that you may send and receive through Social Networks and other messaging services, such as SMS, may contain personal information of third parties. This may include information such as: names, photos, age, gender, geographic location, opinions, preferences, and phone numbers that are provided or posted by social media users.

Logs, usage, and support data:

  • Log data, which may include your IP address, the address of the web page you visited before using the Services, your browser type and settings, your device information (such as make, model, and OS), the date and time when you used the Services, information about your browser configuration, language preferences, unique identifiers, and cookies.
  • Usage data and analytics, which may include the frequency of login, and the different types of activity undertaken by users such as frequently accessed areas of the Services.
  • General Location information, such as IP address and the region in which you are located when you are logging in and using the Services, in accordance with the settings on your device.
  • Customer support questions, issues, and general feedback that you choose to provide.

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